PRODUCTION: Animated Kreskostoria in Production

By Katarzyna Grynienko

WARSAW: Xantus Studio is working on Kreskostoria (Linestory), a original cartoon series about Polish history for cinema and television release. The film will be an entertainment and educational series presenting Polish history in an informal fashion.

The significant events from the past will be linked with everyday situations, making them more accessible for young viewer. The director of the 26-episode show is Bartek Kędzierski, who also directed Lords Of The Flies, a controversial and hugely popular cartoon series about primary school students also produced by Xantus Studio.

"Kreskostoria show that learning history doesn't have to be boring. We decided to create an animation that will truly interest junior and high school students. The presence of Bartek Kędzierski guarantees that the form in which our history will be presented fits into the style and language used by today's youth," Michał Dusiński, the President of Xantus Studio Board, told FNE.

The production of the series launched at the begining of July 2011 and will last till September. Kreskostoria will premiere in Poland between September and October 2011. The first episode will be screened in stereoscopic technology at all cinemas that are a part of the 5D Extreme chain in Poland. Afterwards the show will be aired on television.
The producer of the show is Xantus S.A. (www.xantus.pl), one of the biggest Polish 3D animation studios belonging to Grupa ADV (www.grupa-adv.pl). The project received 150,000 PLN (EUR 37,000) financing for development from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl).

The producers expect that the all star dubbing cast will also draw the younger viewers to their title. The series will be narrated by Marek Kondrat and stars Borys Szyc, recently praised for his dubbing work on Jeż Jerzy: The Movie, a popular Polish animated film based on a controversial comic book. The cast also includes Krzysztof Grębski, Maciej Tomaszewski, and Adam Cywka.

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