FESTIVALS: New Horizons Hosts Workshops

By FNE Staff

WROCLAW: The second edition of the New Horizons Studio takes place 23-26 July 2011, during the 11th New Horizons Film Festival, opening 21 July in Wroclaw.

The programme is supervised by Hayet Benkara, who in the past has co-operated with the Rotterdam, Toronto and Cannes film festivals. The London Film Academy partnered with the festival on the Studio, with lectures by Ri Chakraborty (pitching), Richard Kwietniowski (writing and directing) and Ivana MacKinnon (producing).

Other speakers include Juliette Jansen (Rotterdam IFF), Anais Clanet (Wide Management), Beata Mońka (Canal+) and Hugo Viera da Silva (Swans).

A special Masterclass will be given by the Hungarian director Bela Tarr (Satan Tango, Turin Horse).

Among the 24 participants of the workshops are directors Katarzyna Rosłaniec and Tomasz Wolski, writer-director Paweł Ferdek, and other young producers, cameramen and composers, including Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz.

This year the Studio cooperates with the Transylvania, Lisbon and Cinessonne film festivals as well as the Norwegian Film Institute, to host 10 participants from Romania, Portugal, France and Norway, among them producer Joao Figueiras (China, China) and director George Dorobantu (Elevator).

The co-organizers of the Studio are Media Desk Polska and LFA. Canal+ Polska is a partner. The main sponsor of the New Horizons Studio is T-Mobile.