PRODUCTION: Bodo Kox Wraps Girl from the Closet

Written by FNE Staff

{mosimage}WARSAW: Polish filmmaker and actor Bodo Cox has finished shooting his feature debut Girl from the Closet produced by WFDiF in co-operation with CANAL+.

Girl from the Closet ( Dziewczyna z szafy ) follows the story of three alienated people. Jacek, a web-master, isforced to work from home because he needs to take care of Tomek, an idiot-savant. Their everyday life changes drastically when Jacek asks their new next door neighbor Magda to take care of his brother while he is away. At first the girl seems antisocial, but she strikes an unexpected understanding with Tomek building on their common sense of "otherness."

{mosimage}The film is produced by Documentary and Feature Film Production Company (WFDiF, www.wfdif.com.pl) in co-production with CANAL + (www.canapluscyfrowy.pl).

"Bodo Kox is a colorful character of the independent cinema scene - a director, screenwriter and actor. His pictures were awarded repeatedly during local film festivals and screened in CANAL+. Now we are supporting the making of his feature debut and our viewers will be the first ones to see it on television," said Beata Ryczkowska, the Executive Programming Director for CANAL+ Cyfrowy. WFDiF told FNE that the shoot for the picture, which began on 22 February 2012, will end on 26 March 2012. The budget is 3.44 million PLN (EUR 830,000). The film received production financing from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl).

{mosimage}The three leads are played by Paweł Głowacki ( Evil House,80 millions, Suicide Room), Wojciech Mecwaldowski (Testosterone, Lejdis) and Magdalena Różańska, making her feature debut. The cast includes includes Teresa Sawicka, Eryk Lubos, Olga Bołądź and Magdalena Popławska. The set for Kox's debut is created by renowned designer Andrzej Haliński (Woman in Berlin, With Fire And Sword) and the cinematographer for is Arkadiusz Tomiak (Symmetry, Extras and Far from the Window).

The distributor is Kino Świat (www.kinoswiat.pl).

Production contact:

{mosimage}Documentary and Feature Film Production Company - WFDiF
Chełmska 21
00-724 Warsaw
tel - (+48) 22 841-1210
email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.