FNE at T-Mobile New Horizons Studio: Danuta Gęgotek

Danuta Gęgotek Danuta Gęgotek

WROCLAW: The 24 participants of the 3rd New Horizons Studio, which took place during the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF (www.nowehoryzonty.pl) spoke with FNE about their current projects and their views on the international film industry. FNE will present profiles the participants during the month of August.

Danuta Gęgotek, Producer (Poland)

A graduate of the graduated from the Faculty of Law at Warsaw University, Danuta Gegotek began her professional career as a researcher and rights-clearance specialist at the Polish commercial TV station TVN (www.tvn.pl). In 2009, she started working as a producer’s assistant and is currently working as a project manager and junior producer at Yeti Films (www.yetifilms.com). In 2012, she (along with Katarzyna Siniarska) set up a venture initiative, Co-lab Pictures. Its first project is a short animated film, Sometimes directed by Jakub
Tarkowski and based on an award-winning comic book  (orginal title: Czasem) by Grzegorz Janusz and Marcin Podolec. She debuted as a film producer with a creative documentary, I Want (No) Reality (www.iwantnoreality.wordpress.com).

"The New Horizons Studio is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new, interesting directors and do some networking,” Gęgotek told FNE. “In my opinion the New Horizons Festival is creating a great environment for that. They are very smart in what they are doing when it comes to their approach to both the local and the international film industry. For Polish film professionals it is especially beneficial, because our market is still a bit underdeveloped and speakers form countries with big film industries, like the UK and France, can really teach us a lot. We can then implement this experience to further the development of Polish cinema."

Currently working on:
The End – Doomsday project (Working title), a feature documentary directed by Ana Brzezińska (as a producer & production manager).



Danuta Gęgotek

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