FNE at T-Mobile New Horizons Studio: Agnieszka Woszczyńska

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WROCŁAW: The 24 participants of the 3rd New Horizons Studio, which took place during the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF (www.nowehoryzonty.pl) spoke with FNE about their current projects and their views on the international film industry.


FNE profiles the participants during the month of August.

Agnieszka Woszczyńska, Director  (Poland)

Born in 1984 in Łódz, Agnieszka Woszczyńska graduated from Warsaw University, before taking a film course at the Wajda School (www.wajdaschool.pl) and the Warsaw School of Photography
(www.wsfoto.art.pl). She has worked as a photographer and head of production at Papaya Films (www.papaya-films.com), preparing short productions in Poland and Chile. Currently in her fourth year studying film directing at the Łódz Film School (www.filmschool.lodz.pl), she working on documentary and feature film diplomas while also working as a first AD.

"I came to the New Horizons Studio to learn how to better pitch my projects, because we don't really have classes on that at school. I'm especially interested in pitching documentaries, which is very
different than feature films," she told FNE. "I find that a film-maker nowadays needs to be aware of the production value, and he needs to know what happens on the production and sales side of his film. During the Studio we can exchange experiences, on the international level as well."

Currently working on:

Woszczyńska is working on a documentary about narcoleptics, about people whose life is determined by dreaming, showing their everyday life and, most of all, moments when they fall asleep to meet their dreams in a specific kind of animation.

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