FNE at T-Mobile New Horizons Studio: Victoria Szymańska


WROCŁAW: The 24 participants of the 3rd New Horizons Studio, which took place during the T-Mobile New Horizons IFF (www.nowehoryzonty.pl) spoke with FNE about their current projects and their views on the international film industry.

FNE profiles the participants during the month of August.

Victoria Szymańska, Director (Poland)

A painter, visual artist and filmmaker studied art in London and Paris, Victoria Szymańska brings her aesthetic from world of visual arts to filmmaking, where she aims to create a very specific connection between art, the world of signs, poetry and the moving image. She works on 8 mm and 16 mm film. Her latest film Themerson and Themerson (Luna W.), produced by ARTE (www.arte.tv) has been screened by numerous  festivals and TV stations.

Szymańska  is now completing The Exercise of Life with Irene Jacob, a film about the world famous marionette master, Meschke, in which she explores the dream of the impossible, the notion of giving life and longing for eternity, expressed by marionettes. She has a very personal approach to films she makes, an interest in telling a personal story, in connecting with her characters, and  in the notion of transmission.

"I am currently in production with three new projects and I highly value the pitching process, which has helped me to start several movies in my caree,” She told FNE. “It is important for a filmmaker to
have his or her own brand and know both how to sell it and how to protect it. One needs to learn how to talk about one’s films in a way that they can be made in the shape and form you want them to be in the end."

Currently working on:

Szymańska is developing the fiction film Traces with Irene Jacob.

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