Wajda Studio Wraps Polish-Armenian Short

Wajda Studio Wraps Polish-Armenian Short Milky Brother, directed by Vahram Mkhitaryan

WARSAW: Milky Brother, the first Polish-Armenian coproduction, directed by Vahram Mkhitaryan and produced by Wajda Studio (www.wajdastudio.com) has completed production.

The film was produced as part of the “30 minutes” programme of short films by new directors run by Studio Munka (www.studiomunka.pl) and supported by Polish Television (www.tvp.pl) and the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl). Wajda Studio (www.wajdaschool.pl) acts as coproducer and executive producer. The other coproducers are Warsaw based rental company MX35 (www.mx35.eu) and Hy Pictures from Armenia. The film was cofinanced by Poland’s Agora Foundation (www.agora.pl) and Armenia’s Kinocentrum.

Milky Brother is the story of 10-year old village boy whose mother loses her baby during labour. When an old shepherd brings a new-born lamb, feeding it helps the sick mother recover, but the boy has trouble accepting his “milky brother.”

“We had two lambs playing the ‘milky brother’,” the Polish production manager Alicja Kizinska said. One of the lambs spent four months with professional trainers and was eventually adopted by the child actor who stars in the film 

Milky brother is the first Polish-Armenian coproduction and we are very proud of it,” said Joanna Szymanska, head of production at Wajda Studio. “The conditions were very challenging, we were shooting at remote locations,but it helped us create the atmosphere of seclusion.”

“The theme of the film suggested its form: I chose minimalistic narrative style and means typical for documentaries,” said Mkhitaryan, who developed the film at Wajda School.

Mkhitaryan graduated from University in Armenia and Wajda School (Development Lab and Dok Pro programmes) and has worked as a commercial and TV documentary director.


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