PRODUCTION: Red Spider Begins Filming

Marcin Koszałka Marcin Koszałka

KRAKOW: Marcin Koszałka is shooting his début feature Red Spider, a thriller inspired by the case of a Polish serial killer

Koszałka, an accomplished documentary filmmaker, started the shoot of the film under the working title Red Spider on 3 January 2013 in Krakow and will continue till the end of March. The film is produced by MD4 and coproduced by the Krakow Festival Office. The film received 2 m PLN (486,000 EUR) of financial support from the Polish Film Institute and is co-financed by the Krakow Film Commission.

The script was inspired by the Polish serial killer Karol Kot who was active in the 1960's and nicknamed "Red Spider" by the Polish police. He killed two people and committed several attempts at murder along with setting several fires. He didn't fit any psychological profile which made him very hard to catch. The authors of the script are Marcin Koszałka and Łukasz M. Maciejewski, who created the text based on Marta Szreder's work entitled "Lolo". Koszałka is also the author of a documentary devoted to this topic entitled Lust Killer produced by Natalia Bartkowicz-Koszałka Darklight Film Studio in coproduction with the Krakow Festival Office and NON STOP Film Service.

The lead role of the character is played by Filip Pławiak, and the cast includes Adam Woronowicz, Małgorzata Foremniak and Karolina Kominek.

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