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Poland Launches New Digital Platform Featured


WARSAW: The new digital platform nC+, a fusion of the n and Cyfra+ platforms, will launch on 21 March 2013.

"This date it not only the first day of Spring but also a historical day for Canal+, because it was exactly on 21 March that Canal started broadcasting 18 years ago," Christian Anting, the Programming VP, said in an official statement.

The nC+  platform include channels Canal+, Canal+ Family, Canal+ Family 2, Canal+ Film, Canal+ Film 2, Canal+ Sport. The nC+ platform will also offer thematic channels Ale kino+, Planete+, Kuchnia+, Domo+, MiniMini+ and TeleTOON+/Hyper+ and will include TVN24 HD, Discovery Channel HD, FOX HD, and BBC Knowledge HD, previously available only on the n platform.

The creation of the new platform is a result of a contracted finalized on 30 November 2012, when TVN added the n platform within the Cyfra+ and acquired 32% of the shares in the newly formed nC+ platform. The Canal+ Group currently holds 51% of shares, while 17% is owned by UPC Polska. By the end of 2012 the n platform had 1 million subscribers. Cyfra + did not reveal the number of clients for the same period, but the previous count was 1.6 million subscribers in 2011.


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