TVP and MDR Develop Co-operation

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WARSAW: Public broadcaster TVP has signed an agreement with the regional public German broadcaster MDR that will increase co-operation between the two stations.

The agreement between TVP and MDR (Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk) signed on 27 March 2013 consists of guidelines that will broaden the co-operation of two broadcasters started in 1994. The previous agreement between the two stations led to several joint projects, including the creation of the language news portal Via Europa, active between 2002-2005, which played a significant role in introducing Poland to the EU.

TVP told FNE that the new agreement will apply to issues of programme offer and both sides taking part in film and coproductions. The two stations will also intensify contacts between their editorial offices, exchange information of technology such us interactive services and hybrid television and support each other in providing these services. The agreement also entails that the stations will take part in festivals, competitions and trainings organized by the other party. TVP and MDR will also support each other within particular units : TVP's OTV Szczecin, OTV Gorzów Wlkp., OTV Opole, OTV Poznań, OTV Wrocław and MDR's branches in Dresden and Bautzen. The board members of both stations will meet regularly and create a working team to develop joint projects.