FNE at Centeast: Poland Opens to the Chinese Market


WARSAW: WIFF hosted the launch of China-Eastern Europe Film Promotion Programme. Munk Studio will produce a Polish-Chinese romantic comedy.

The 9th edition of the CentEast Market in Warsaw was the host to a special presentation of new Chinese cinema.

The partners of the China-Eastern Europe Film Promotion Program (CEEFPP) are the Warsaw Film Foundation, based in Warsaw, Poland, Beijing Film Market, based in Beijing, China, and Film Factory, based in Beijing, China. The presentation included eight works in progress, all set to be completed between 2013 and 2015. The list included Zen a spirtual drama from Di Zang produced by Vasoon Animation Co., Ltd., Einstein and Einstein directed by Gou Shi San about the growth of a thirteen- year-old girl in current Chinese society and produced by BeiJing Standard Image Culture&Communication Co., Ltd, and A Chilling Cosplay, a Chinese-Hong Kong co-production about a crime commited in the enviorement of anime cosplay fans, produced by Beijing IFILMFILM Art and Culture Group.

While the international film professionals had a chance to see on what is new in the cinema of China, the Munk Studio is gearing up for a Polish-Chinese coproduction to be completed in 2014. A special agreement was signed by the Polish Filmmakers Association and the Chinese company Paintree during the 38th Film Festival in Gdynia. It will be a debut film and the story will follow an impossible love affair between a Polish student and a Chinese girl.

The Director of the Warsaw Film Festival Stefan Laudyn sees great potential in further exploration of the Chinese market by Cent-Eastern Europe. "Jacek Bromski is probably the first and still mainly the only person in Poland who fully understands the potential of the Chinese market. I am very grateful for all of his help and guidance with setting up our presentation of what is new and fresh in Chinese cinema. It is a major market both for distribution and production and we should take advantage of it," Laudyn told FNE.