FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2013: Silence of the Scream


COTTBUS: The winner of the 2012 Cottbus Film Festival, Zebra Film Studio of Poland, was back at Cottbus in the winner’s pitch slot of Connecting Cottbus with the project Silence of the Scream directed by Maria Sadowska.

The pitch was presented by producer Marcin Oginski and script writer Katarzyna Terechowicz who also wrote the script for Sadowska’s Cottbus-winner Women’s Day. The film takes on another women’s rights issue: abortion, a major issue in Poland with passionate demonstrations on both sides. The protagonists are two women with opposing views on the subject whose opinions are challenged by their own personal circumstances.

The production company is committed to investing its own funds into the 1.35m EUR production. The project was in Cottbus seeking a German coproducer, German actor, and German postproduction services. The first draft of the script is underway in preparation for a 2015 shoot.



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