SPI International to launch a new channel focused on independent cinema


WARSAW: The worldwide FilmBox Arthouse TV channel is set to launch in January 2014 starting with Central and Eastern Europe and USA.

FilmBox Arthouse TV Channel, a new project from SPI International, will be focused on a challenging and ambitious independent cinema line-up, consisting mostly of full length feature films supplemented by shorts and documentary productions.

"Since 2011 we have been specializing in creating thematic channels with a global reach and responding to the needs of the market while implementing new distribution channels such as IPTV, Mobile TV, smart TV platforms and OTT services", Łukasz Bułka, Director of Marketing and PR at SPI told FNE. " FilmBox Arthouse it the first TV channel that offers access to the works of independent filmmakers as well as art-house
productions to viewers from all over the world".

At the beginning of the year, the newly created channel will be available in the Central and Eastern Europe region as well as USA. Currently the Polish-language version of the channel is being developed with
plans for adding consecutive, new language options as the project develops.

"Several movies, that we are going to show on FilmBox Arthouse, have been screened at film festivals but rarely or  never on TV. FilmBox Arthouse will prolong their shelf life and create an audience for them on a global scale. It is a niche but ambitious undertaking with great potential," said Bułka.

Filmmakers from all over the world will also have a chance to showcase their work as part of the new channel's program by submitting their movies to the FilmBox Movie Award Competition, where they will have a chance to win 50 000 USD and a minimum of three screenings of their film on the FilmBox Arthouse TV Channel. Click HERE to learn more.

SPI International has already established long-term co-operation deals with several distribution companies that will provide the new channel with art-house content. The list of companies includes:
Adriana Chiesa Entertprises, Alpha Violet, Capricci Films, Cinexport,  Factory 25, Farabi, Film & Picture, Films Sans Frontieres, Insomnia World Sales,  ITN Distribution, Le Petite Bureau, M Appeal, Open Sesame, Oscilloscope, Princ Films, Reel Suspect, Seventh Art, Striped Entertainment, Wide Pictures.