PRODUCTION: SPInka Film Studio is working on an animated series Tim and the Master

Tim and the Master Tim and the Master

WARSAW: SPInka Film Studio and Human Ark will create a series based on the popular Polish comic books Tim and the Master.

Following the success of their animated feature film George the Hedgehog and the MEDIA funded Diplodocus, another adaptation of a Polish graphic novel, Tim and The Master, a comic book created by Rafał Skarżycki and Tomasz Leśniak is in the works. The producer of the new series is SPInka Film Studio. The production received 292,700 PLN in project development financing from the Polish Film Institute. The full budget of the project has not been announced.

Tim and the Master follows the lives of a young boy and his magician teacher. The plot is set in the Middle Ages but the character often travels to the future to learn magic and fight evil powers. The series is directed by a trio of filmmakers: Tomasz Leśniak, Jakub Tarkowski and Wojciech Wawszczyk, who worked together on George the Hedgehog, which registered 118,000 admissions in Poland in 2011 and had festival screenings at SXSW, Karlovy Vary and SICAF.

A team, comprised out of animators and filmmakers connected to Human Ark Studio, headed by Rafał Skarżycki is working on the script for the first season, which will be based on the comic books but with a major part created originally for the show. The first season will have 13 episodes. The crew working on this first installment includes some of the most significant Polish comic artists, including Leśniak, Jakub Rebelka and Michał Śledziński. The first episode of the series will be completed in November 2014.

Production contact:
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