TVN Expands Sales beyond Europe

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Woman at the End of the World Woman at the End of the World TVN/Paweł Łączny

PRAGUE: Polish commercial broadcaster TVN has racked up sales of 40 titles to 100 territories over the past five years, with expansion into the Middle East and Asia developing.

TVN Sales Manager Aneta Zareba told FNE, “International sales are developing since we began expanding our sales department almost two years ago.” While neighboring CEE countries seemed an obvious audience for TVN production, that turned out not to be the case. “Surprising our first sales were not to neighboring countries,” Zareba said, “but sales to the Czech Republic, the Baltics, Ukraine, Russia and Hungary are now picking up.”

TVN’s most popular shows are a dramatic comedy series Recipe for Life and a travel/adventure series Woman at the End of the World, both of which have completed production at TVN.

TVN fills three slots with original content series. Currently it is continuing the fifth seasons of two series, Medics (which has been sold to China and Russia) and True Law (which has been sold to Russia, CIS and Montenegro). TVN also began selling it documentary series Following the 6th Sense now in its third season, which has already been sold to the Ukraine. The station is now developing a new crime series which has attracted international interest and is expected to become an international coproduction.