Agnieszka Holland Set for TV Series

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Agnieszka Holland Agnieszka Holland

PRAGUE: Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland will direct the first 90-minute TV film in a four-part crime series, Death in Breslau.

The series produced by ATM Grupa is adapted from a popular series of novels set in Wroclaw from WWI through the 1950’s, under the city’s German name, Breslau, when it was the second biggest series in Germany.

ATM Grupa producer Krzysztof Jakubowski told FNE that the series, which is in development, will be a German/Polish coproduction. The company is commissioning all four scripts in Scandinavia, and it is expected that a Scandinavian coproduction partner will also come on board. The story or a modern-day type of detective will go into production in 2015/2016. A cinema release is planned for the first film of the series as early as 2016.

The move into TV coproduction is a relatively new development for CEE, although films are regularly funded as coproductions.

Holland told FNE that she was returning to work in TV because, “I realized TV had become more alive and touches more important subjects and has more courage in casting.” She added that it was important to reach a wider audience, and “You don’t spend so many years of your life” doing a single project.