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TVP Plans to Digitalise its Production Featured


WARSAW: Polish public broadcaster TVP launched a UE co-financed project that will digitalise its 800 archive productions in the course of the next three years.The budget of the project is almost 19 m EUR / 81 m PLN.

"The main goal of the digitalisation is to make TVP programmes available to the public, not only on air but also online. The restoration of those films and TV shows should be very detail oriented in order for us to experience them fully", said Maciej Stanecki, TVP Board Member.

The budget of the project is 18,762,270 EUR / 80,780,000 PLN EUR with 13,910,566 EUR / 59,891,045 PLN from the EU financing as part of the Digital Poland 2014-2020 Programme.

The digitalisation is planned for 36 months with 836 unique titles restored from analogue archives to 4K sound and image format. Feature films, documentaries, TV series and TV theatre plays will be restored by a team of 79 Polish specialists.

The first titles to be digitalised will include hit TVP shows Extradition (TVP) and Being Forty (Zespół Filmowy X). All productions will be available online, on DVD and Blu-ray, and will be broadcast on TVP channels.


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