Munk Studio and CANAL+ Launch 60 Minutes Progamme

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WARSAW: Munk Studio and CANAL+ plan to launch a new 60 Minutes progamme to support debut filmmakers, with plans to produce two films in 2017.

The planned budget of each 60-minute film is 1 m PLN / 237,000 EUR. The films will be produced both for cinema and TV distribution.

The 60 Minutes programme is created for film directors younger than 40, who are film school graduates and have not made their full feature debut, as well as filmmakers without a formal film education who have directed at least two short films and want to work on their feature debut.

This year's edition of the programme will be a pilot study, with plans to continue in the following years. The programme will be headed by an Artistic Council consisting of Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Jan Komasa, Michał Rogalski, Munk Studio-SFP Artistic Director Jerzy Kapuściński and Alicja Gancarz of Canal+.

"The idea behind this project is to fast-track the film careers of Polish film school students and graduates who show the most promise. We hope that this programme will help us find the new talents of Polish cinema and will further the development of film language and artistic forms of expression," Kapuściński said.

The application deadline for 60 Minutes is 30 June 2017.