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ZPR Media Group to Fund Polish Documentary Production Featured


WARSAW: Polish documentary filmmaking got a substantial financial boost with the announcement that Poland’s ZPR Media Group has signed a co-operation agreement with the Polish Film Institute and launched a special programme to support documentary production in Poland with an initial outlay of 1 m PLN.

ZPR Media Group, one of the leading Polish media companies and owner of the FOKUS.TV station, launched the Documentary Premiere Center programme on 12 June 2017. The Polish Film Institute will work with ZPR to find and coproduce interesting projects.

"Polish broadcasters are interested not only in selling and buying content that is available on the market, but also in co-creating productions that can be interesting for the viewer. Thanks to the ZPR Media Group, the works of Polish filmmakers can reach a broad audience, but it is crucial that the expectations of the viewers are sufficiently met. This is the field where co-operation on both sides can bring us major success," said Magdalena Sroka, Director of the Polish Film Institute during the inaugural press conference.

ZPR Media Group plans to spend 1 m PLN for documentary film production in the first stage of the programme.

"We are interested in investing in 8-10 documentary films per year. We want Polish productions to efficiently compete with international titles, which are the majority of programming on FOKUS.TV. We are a Polish group with 100% Polish capital. One of our goals is for FOKUS.TV to present Polish content." said Renata Zakrzewska, General Director of ZPR Media Group.

ZPR Media Group plans to finance 50% of the production budget of documentaries that have already received 50% funding from the Polish Film Institute. A special online platform for the Documentary Premiere Center was launched in order to support Polish documentary filmmakers and develop projects that would be interesting for the broadcaster.