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FNE at T-Mobile New Horizons IFF: New Horizons Studio+ Opens with New Format Featured


WROCŁAW: The 8th edition of New Horizons Studio+ introduces a new format, inviting 20 participants from Europe for training in film PR and marketing. The event will take place from 5 to 8 August 2017 within the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF.

marcin pieńskowskiMarcin Pieńkowski, Artistic Director of T-Mobile New Horizons IFF. and Weronika Czołnowska, Head of Industry, talked to FNE about the 8th edition of the workshop.

"We’ve decided that it was time to change the format of New Horizons Studio+ and to adjust it to the developing realities of the modern film market.  It quickly turned out that while project development has a lot of workshops within the industry, directors and producers still want to explore PR & marketing", Marcin Pieńkowski told FNE.

“Starting from this year the New Horizons Studio+ format is aimed at producer-director pairs who are developing their first or second feature film. The workshop includes lectures on pitching, film marketing and PR, as well as international sales and distribution market. The list of this year's speakers includes David Pope (London Film Academy), Aranka Matits (EAVE) representing Featurette, Alya Belgaroui-Degalet (EAVE, Raquel Cabrera (The Film Agency), Jakub Duszyński (Gutek Film), Jan Naszewski (New Europe Film Sales) and Mark Lautman (Intermission Film), who will give a lecture as part of Creativity Talks organised by The British Council”, Weronika Czołnowska told FNE.

foto Weronika Czołnowska"For the first time we have a partnership with EAVE and we are happy to share their immense experience in organising training programmes for film professionals all over the world. The first edition will be an experiment that will show us where exactly we should put the accents in constructing the NH Studio programme in the future", Pieńkowski added.

This year's edition hosts five projects from Poland and five international projects from Romania, UK, Germany, Austria and Hungary. 

The list of projects includes: Najmro (Poland, directed by Mateusz Rakowicz and produced by Kuba Kosma), The Sybil (Poland, directed by Zuzanna Solakiewicz and produced by Marta Golba), Bailout, Folks! (Poland, directed by Marek Lechki and produced by Maciej Kubicki), Fisheye (Poland, directed by Michał Szcześniak and produced by Ewa Turczańska), Glorious Empire (Poland, directed by Matt Szymanowski and produced by Agnieszka Wasiak), The Fall (UK, directed by Weronika Tofilska and produced by Chris Hees), Queens (Austria, directed by Stefan Bohun and produced by David Bohun), Impromptu (Hungary, directed by Zoltán Nagy and produced by Gábor Osváth), October (Romania, directed by Cristian Pascariu  and produced by Cristiana Mitea), Ego Ego (Germany, directed by Zora Rux and produced by Leonie Minor).

"The New Horizons Studio+ remains a workshop open to the upcoming film directors and producers. Thanks to the changed format, each participant gets to the workshop with their own project. Nowadays, it is crucial for both producer and director to have the necessary PR and marketing experience. With the right tools and information  they can make sure that the great potential of their projects is not wasted”, Marcin Pieńkowski added.

The 8th New Horizons Studio+ takes place between 5 and 8 August 2016 within the 17th T-Mobile New Horizons FF organized by the T-Mobile New Horizons FF Association in cooperation with Creative Europe Desk Poland (kreatywna-europa.eu/en), in partnership with EAVE, London Film Academy, British Council, the Romanian Cultural Institute, German Films and Austrian Film Forum (German Films and Austrian Film Forum).




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