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PRODUCTION: Tomasz Szafrański Shoots Youth Comedy Featured

RocknRoll Eddie by Tomasz Szafrański RocknRoll Eddie by Tomasz Szafrański photo: Krzysztof Globisz

KRAKOW: Tomasz Szafrański is currently shooting Rock’n’Roll Eddie, a comedy for children and youngsters, set to premiere in 2018.

Rock’n’Roll Eddie follows the adventures of two children, Franek and Izka. They are accompanied by Eddie, a grown-up coming from a mysterious land of Oblivio, which the children enter as a result of an experiment gone wrong.

"Rock’n’Roll Eddie is an absolutely crazy comedy for children, young viewers and adults. It has everything: adventure, humor, happiness and grief, a bit of horror, car crashes, explosions and bounty hunters", director Tomasz Szafrański told FNE.

Children Szymon Radzimierski and Weronika Kaczmarczyk play the main characters, accompanied by Maciej Makowski as Eddie.

Dogoda Media is producing with a budget of 940,845 EUR / 4 m PLN, of which 470,422 EUR / 2 m PLN is covered by a grant from the Polish Film Institute. The film also received financing from the Krakow Regional Film Fund, the Poznań Regional Film Fund, Estrada Poznańska, the City of Białystok, the City of Krakow, the Lesser Poland Voivodship, the Subcarpathian Voivodship and the City of Rzeszów.

Shooting launched on 1 August 2017 and will wrap in the first week of September 2017. Shooting takes place on location in Krakow, Warsaw, Białystok, Poznań, Rzeszów, Bożkowo and Wrocław.

Production Information:

Dogoda Media
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Director: Tomasz Szafrański
Screenwriter: Tomasz Szafrański
DoP: Michał Grabowski
Cast:Szymon Radzimierski, Weronika Kaczmarczyk, Maciej Makowski


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