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Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission Launches Film the Book Featured


WARSAW: The Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission will launch Film the Book, an event and platform that will join film with literature. The first edition is set to take place in Warsaw in April 2018.

Film The Book will be a two-day pitching event, where producers, screenwriters and directors will be presented with the most interesting literary works suitable for adaptation.

"Despite the international trends, Polish filmmakers forgot a bit that the Polish contemporary literature is a real goldmine of ready and good stories, and while the original script market is not always filled with ready, quality materials, the publishing houses are constantly offering books ready for great adaptations both for commercial and art house cinema", Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission informed FNE.

Film The Book will also allow Polish filmmakers to familiarise themselves with the newest titles on the market including the ones that have not yet been published. The event will include pitching, panels, case studies, lectures, workshops and one to one meetings.

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