FNE at Cannes 2019: Polish Cinema in Cannes

By Polish Film Institute
    FNE at Cannes 2019: Polish Cinema in Cannes photo: PISF

    The 72nd International Cannes Film Festival begins on May 14. Polish animations will take part in the student short film competition - Cinéfondation, and Polish productions and Polish artists will be present during many festival events.

    Paweł Pawlikowski on the jury of the main competition


    Paweł Pawlikowski is on the jury of the main competition of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Together with the Polish director, the films will be appraised by: Alejandro González Iñárritu (president), Elle Fanning, Maimouna N'Diaye, Kelly Reichardt, Alice Rohrwacher, Enki Bilal, Robin Campillo and Yorgos Lanthimos. The jury will award prizes on May 25 during the official closing gala of the festival.

    Further information: http://en.pisf.pl/news//pawel-pawlikowski-in-the-jury-of-the-main-competition-of-72nd-iff-in-cannes.

    "The little Soul" and "Roadkill" in the Cinéfondation competition  

    Out of more than two thousand submissions to the 22nd edition of the Cinéfondation competition, seventeen films have been qualified, of which only three are animations and two are made by Polish artists. The president of the jury in the short film competition and Cinéfondation is the French director Claire Denis. Her film "High Life" in 2016 received funding from the Polish Film Institute under the priority of minority co-productions.

    "The Little Soul"

    The film by Barbara Rupik is an extremely rich and artistic animation. The story begins somewhere on the banks of a river, where a dead body got stuck. Its decaying insides still envelop the soul - a miniature of the body of the deceased. The rotting organs come apart and a tiny The Little Soul by Barbara Rupikfigure forces its way through to the outside. Standing on the river bank, it says goodbye to its body and sets out on the journey to the posthumous world.

    The film is produced by the Lodz Film School and is represented by the Krakow Film Foundation.

    Screening: May 23, at 11.00, Buñuel Theater

    Further information: http://en.pisf.pl/news//the-little-soul-by-barbara-rupik-and-roadkill-by-leszek-mozga-at-the-72nd-cannes-ff.


    Roadkill by Leszek MozgaA film by a Polish director living in Great Britain was submitted to the Cannes festival by the UAL University in London. The animation was created entirely in Poland, where the artist spent most of his life, he also studied acting at the Film School in Łódź. "Roadkill" is a stop-motion animated thriller. In the world where deer are the dominating species. One alpha male goes for an evening car ride and has an unfortunate car accident.

    Screening: May 22, at 2.30, Buñuel Theatre 

    More information about the film: https://roadkill.info/.   

    Further information: http://en.pisf.pl/news//the-little-soul-by-barbara-rupik-and-roadkill-by-leszek-mozga-at-the-72nd-cannes-ff.

    "Kanal" in the Cannes Classics section

    The digitally reconstructed film by Andrzej Wajda entitled the "Kanal" was included in the program of the prestigious Cannes Classics section. Andrzej Wajda and cinematographer Jerzy Wójcik watched over the reconstruction of the film.
    Production: Studio Filmowe Kadr. Distribution in France: Malavida.

    Screening: May 20, at 11.00

    Polish short films on Short Film Corner

    During the 16th edition of the review of short films Short Film Corner in Cannes 9 Polish productions will be presented, including "My heart" ("Moje serce") by Damian Kocur, "This Is Not A Fairytale" ("Nie moja bajka") by Zuzanna Karpińska, "Couple In A Room Smoking Cigarettes" by Katarzyna Gondek, "Tsantsa" by Robin Lipo, "Song For The Wooden Heart" by David Sigirsta, "Diary Of An Unknown Soldier" ("Pamiętnik nieznanego żołnierza")  by Dominika Ożarowska, "Cross'n'Carry" ("Krzyż na drogę") by Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska, and "The Return" ("Powrót") by Marcin Zbyszyński.

    Overview of the SFC attracts directors, agents, producers, and film institutions from around the world each year.

    More information: www.shortfilmcorner.com.

    Marché du Film fim market

    This year in Cannes, as part of the Marché du Film film market, accredited guests will see new Polish films and co-productions, including shown in the main competition of the International Film Festival in Berlin, Agnieszka Holland's film "Mr. Jones", awarded at Sundance "Dolce Fine Giornata" by Jacek Borcuch or "Dark, Almost Night" by Borys Lankosz.

    Detailed information:

    Mr. Jones by Agnieszka Holland, photo: Robert Pałka"Mr. Jones"

    Directed by Agnieszka Holland
    Drama - Completed 2018
    Westend Films - as Sales, All rights, World
    Screening: Fri May 17 09:30, 119 min, Olympia 4


    Dolce Fina Giornata by Jacek Borcuch"Dolce Fine Giornata"

    Directed by Jacek Borcuch
    Drama - Completed 2018
    Films Boutique - as Sales, All rights, World
    Screening: Wed May 15 15:30, 100 min, Riviera 2
    Screening: Fri May 17 11:30, 100 min, Olympia 3


    Dark, Almost Night by Borys Lankosz, photo: Adam Golec/Aurum Film"Dark, Almost Night"

    Directed by Borys Lankosz
    Thriller - Production 2018
    Picture Tree International GMBH - as Sales, All Rights, World
    Screening: Thu May 16 10:00, 111 min, Palais C
    Screening: Fri May 17 09:30, 119 min, Olympia 4

    Further information: www.marchedufilm.com