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Gdynia Polish Film Festival Spotlight: The Brothers Karamazov

By Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

Czech Velvet Wave director Petr Zelenka's Polish-Czech co-production The Brothers Karamazov is a film adaptation of his stage success based on a rehearsal of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel staged in a factory in Nowa Huta.

The producers are Prvni verejnopravni s.r.o., (Czech Republic) and Warsaw Pact Film Production. The film is co-produced by Czech public television. Active Image1 million out of the 3.5 million zlotys budget was provided by the Polish Film Institute. The production was also supported from the Eurimages fund (200,000 euro) and the Czech State Fund for Cinematography.

Zelenka authored such films as Year of the Devil, Buttoners, and Wrong Side Up, earning four screenplay nominations and two Czech Lion wins, along with two best director awards. Internationally he received the Golden Tiger at the Rotterdam film festival, the Grand Prix in Triest and the Crystal Globe in Karlovy Vary. In July, The Brothers Karamazov won the FIPRESCI award and the Special Jury Mention at Karlovy Vary.

Active ImageThe cast includes Czech actors Ivan Trojan and Igor Chmela, both also popular in Poland, as well as the acclaimed Polish actor Andrzej Mastalerz. The music score was written by the Polish Oscar-winning composer, Jan A. P. Kaczmarek.

Because the entire movie was not able to be shot on the plant's premises, only a small part of the shooting took place in Poland. The factory setting was recreated in the Czech village Hradek near Plzen. The film opened in the Czech Republic earlier this year. The Polish premiere is planned for early 2009, through distribution company Gutek Film.

Directing: Petr Zelenka
Screenplay: Petr Zelenka
CinematographyAlexander Surkala:
Music: Jan A. P. Kaczmarek
Art direction: Barbara Ostapowicz
Sound: Michal Holubec
Film editing: Vladimir Barak, Miroveho Hnuti
Costume Design: Martin Chocholousek
Production Manager: Jan Kaczmarski, Barbora Kinkalova
Production: Warsaw Pact Film Production Sp. z o. o., Prvni Verejnopravni
Producers: Karolina Ochab, Kasia Adamik, Roman Wikieł, Cestmir Kopecky
Co-producers: PISF, Ceska Televizie, Eurimages
Executive Producer: Warsaw Pact Film Production Sp. z o. o.
Distribution: Gutek Film
World distribution: John Riley
Country & year of production: Poland, Czech Republic 2008

Lenka Krobotova
Ivan Trojan
Michaela Badinkova
David Novotny
Radek Holub
Adrianna Miara
Lucie Żackova
Martin Mysicka
Igor Chmela


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