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Love on the Runway ushers in New Years Eve

Katarzyna Grynienko 2008-12-04
Romantic comedy Love On The Runway, directed by Krzysztof Lang, gets a head start on next year's distribution race with a December 31 premiere in Poland.

The film has been called the Polish response to The Devil Wears Prada since it started shooting in May 2008. The movie is a story of a young woman who leaves her small hometown she grew up in and goes to the capital after the betrayal of her boyfriend. In Warsaw she get tangled in the intoxicating world of fashion where her character is put to the test.

Love on the Runway marks Krzysztof Lang's return to filmmaking after working on several Polish TV series. His last feature project title The Silence Zone was released in 2000.

The distributing company Kino Swiat International( chose New Year's Eve for the opening night, hoping to cap off a successful year for Polish cinema at the local box office.

The movie was produced by Agencja Media Plus and shoot mainly in Warsaw between May and June 2008. Currently, the film is in the final post-production stage. The movie's budget is PLN 5.7 million (€1.5 million) with the PLN 2 million input from the Polish Film Institute (

Director:Krzysztof Lang
Script: Anita Nawrocka, Paweł Trzesniowski
Camera: Michał Englert
Light: Michał Nogal, Marcin Samojluk
Producer: Leszek Andrzej Wyszynski, Cezary Kruk
Producing company: Agencja Media Plus

Karolina Gorczyca
Marcin Dorocinski
Urszula Grabowska
Barbara Brylska
Tomasz Karolak
Anna Guzik
Iza Kuna
Małgorzata Pritulak
Enrique Alcides