Crime that shook Poland on the big screen

Written by Katarzyna Grynienko
Don't Turn Your Eyes, directed by Michal Rogalski and based on a true story, is preparing to shoot from March through May, 2009.
The script is inspired by the tragic crime that took place over three years ago in Poland, when a woman lead a group of young men to murder an innocent student. The movie is produced by Studio Filmowe KLEJDOSKOP. The Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl) will be supporting this title with PLN 50,000 (€13,000) for development. The total budget is not yet finalized. The Polish premiere of the picture is planned for October 2009.

Director: Michal Rogalski
Scriptwriter: Michal Rogalski
Producing company: Studio Filmowe KALEJDOSKOP

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