FESTIVALS: Triple Win in Houston for Polish director Jacek Bromski

God's Little Garden by Polish director Jacek Bromski (Produced by Studio Filmowe Oko www.sfoko.com.pl) won three prizes at the 42. International Film Festival in Houston: Special Award of the Jury, Grand Prix in the category Best Foreign Film and the award for the best music (Gold Remi Award) for Henri Seroka.

WorldFest-Houston Independent International Film Festival (www.worldfest.org April 17-26 2009) is one of America's most prestigious festivals and an ongoing platform for introducing European film to American audiences.

The film is second in the highly successful comedy series by Bromski about life in a small town in Poland and has already been seen by mor than 312 000 viewers in Poland. The series began with the 1998 In Heaven as on Earth and the third film in the series U Pana Boga Za Miedza is slated for a Warsaw premier on 15 June. Bromski who both directed and scripted the successful series has teamed up once again with Warsaw based producers OKO. Bromski is already at work on a fourth film on the same theme.

Bromski is one of Poland's best known directors and producers. International audiences will remember him also as the producer of the Polish comedy hit Kiler, the first Polish film of the post-communist period to reach blockbuster status at the local box office.

God's Little Garden

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jacek Bromski

Cast: Krzysztof Dzierma, Andrzej Beja-Zaborski, Wojciech Solarz, Emilian Kaminski, Emilian Kaminski, Agata Kryska-Zietek, Aleksander Skowronski, Eliza Krasicka, Jan Wieczorkowski, Mieczyslaw Fiodorow

Producer: Jacek Bromski

Writer: Jacek Bromski

Distributor: Vision Film Distibution Company