PISF introduces new financing system

Written by Katarzyna Grynienko
The Polish Film Institute is restructuring its operations to decrease the number of programmes for financing national film production.

In 2010 the main source of public funding for Polish filmmakers, the operational programmes offered by PISF (www.pisf.pl), will be available in four categories: Film Production, Film Education and Promotion of Film Culture, Development of Cinemas and Film Distribution, and Promotion of Polish Film Abroad.

The Institute is planning to spend 115 million PLN (€28.2 million) for all four programmes in 2010. Of that, 88 million PLN will be issued for Film Production with 30 million PLN for fiction films, 35 million PLN for historic movies, 13 million PLN for childern and family productions and 10 million PLN for movies with significant commercial potential. In addition, 18.55 million PLN will be spent for Film Education, 2 million PLN will support the Development of Cinemas in Poland and 4 million PLN will be issued for Promoting Polish Film Abroad. Another 2 million PLN is assigned for awards and special expertise.