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Polish political thriller production launches in Warsaw


Shooting began Nov. 12 on a new Polish political thriller, Warsaw Dark, after renowned Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle got interested in the story and pushed production forward from its original schedule of March 2008, the Polish website www.wirtualmedia.pl reported

Warsaw Dark, a production of Ozumi Films, is based on the murder of former Minister of Sport Jacek Dębski, one of the most highly visible Polish criminal cases of the last decade.

"Shooting will take place until Dec. 15," Marianna Rowińska, Polish producer from Ozumi Films, told the website. "The Polish premiere is planned for October 2008."

Dębski was seduced by a call girl identified only as "Inka" in the Polish media and led into a death trap. "Inka" was caught, but refused to reveal the identity of the killers and the case remained unsolved.

Warsaw Dark was previously planned as a full-feature debut of scriptwriter Maciej Pisarek, the website reported. The course of the project suddenly shifted when Doyle tapped into the story and adopted it as his next work. Thanks to his input the film, previously destined for national distribution only, is now considered a strong candidate for Cannes 2008.

The project is especially interesting for Polish viewers, as the national film industry rarely picks up projects from this genre.

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