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Kino Polska short nominated for EFA award

By FNE Staff
Hanoi-Warsaw, a short fillm directed by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz for Kino Polska Television ( has been nominated for the EFA award in the Short Film category.
Nominees in the Short Film category are selected at 14 major international film festivals. Hanoi-Warwaw was nominated by the 33rd Norwegian Short Film Festival Jury.

Hanoi-Warsaw won a screenplay competition for young talents. The co-producers were Mastershot Studio, 1.2 Film Association, Polish Filmmakers Association and the Andrzej Munk Studio "The Young and Film".

Hanoi-Warsaw won the Special Jury Prize in the Young Cinema Competition on the 34th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, and the actress, Thu Ha Mai (Mai Anh) received the honorable mention. The film was also presented at festivals in the Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol, "Go Short" International Short Film Festival in Nijmegen, Next International Short Film Festival in Bucharest, River Film Festival in Padua, and at the 50th Krakow Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a young Vietnamese girl, Mai Anh, who illegally crosses the Polish border. The woman has to reach Warsaw, where her fiancé waits for her. Travel across Poland is full of humiliation and violence.

Kino Polska Television is one of the most popular movie channels in Poland, focusing on the promotion of Polish cinema. It is available on all digital platforms and in most of cable operators with household coverage over 7 millions.