Kolski's Venice locks in Montreal premiere

Written by FNE Staff

Jan Jakub Kolski's Venice has been selected for the main competition at the Montreal Film Festival, where the Polish film will have its international premiere. The premiere screening will take place on September 1 to mark the outbreak of WW2 which forms the historical background of the movie.

Kolski's film, produced by Akson Studio ( www.akson-studio.pl ) and TVP ( www.tvp.pl ), has already attracted considerable interest in Poland, winning several prizes at this year's Gdynia Polish Film Festival ( www.fpff.pl ), including best cinematography and actor's debut.

Venice, from the director of the "Jasminum" and "Pornography", is a carnival of imagination and fantasy starring Polish actresses Magdalena Cielecka and Agnieszka Grochowska. "Venice" is a story about growing up and hoping for deliverance through dreams and rebellion against the surrounding reality.