Lankosz promotes Łódź in noir style

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The director of Reverse, awarded best Polish film of 2009, has just finished shooting a short feature promoting the city of Łódź as European Capital of Culture for 2016. Borys Lankosz was chosen from among several Polish filmmakers who had submitted projects supporting the city, a center of film production in Poland.

The shoot took place Monday at Księzny Mlyn in Łódź. Odkryta (Decouverte) is produced by Polish company Go Culture Communication For Culture (www.goculture.pl) in cooperation with the Leaon Schiller TV and Film School in Łódź (www.filmschool.lodz.pl).

The script revolves around a mysterious detective who follows a femme fatale through the city by night. She guides him through the dream-like, poetic city filled with 19th-century architecture, helping viewers rediscover the city. The two characters are played by Emilia Komarnicka and Łukasz Konopka.

As in Reverse, Lankosz' debut feature, which won local and international praises, Decouverte is shot in black and white in a film noir style with nods to Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon. "We need to revolutionize our thinking about Łódź," he said in an on-set interview. "We often tend to look at it in negative clichés. We don't go deeper into its history and mystery - and these are an integral part of every film noir."