Polish doc about the Internet community starts production in Warsaw

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Jarek Rybus has begun shooting a multimedia experiment fusing film and the Web is in his new documentary about the Polish blog community. "The film is an attempt to look at the Polish bloggers," said Rybus, "and answer the question: Are they another branch of the authorities in Poland nowadays?"

" We are looking for answers, checking if the fact that bloggers are meeting with the most prominent politicians in our country means that we have a new opinion-creating force in the cyberspace. We want to provoke discussion but also show what bloggers do in their everyday life, present all the sides of blog writing, also the controversial ones."

Among others, the film will present Maciek Budzich, the author of the media-monitoring blog www.blog.mediafun.pl and Paweł Wimmer, the celebrated Polish Internet expert www.poradnikwebmastera.blox.pl. At this stage of production Rybas is not revealing any other names but promises that the cast will include not only Internet celebrities but also blog readers and politicians.

The shoot for Blogersi (Bloggers, a working title) will also be the topic of a blog as the filmmakers chronicle their work at www.blogersi.com and they are open to suggestions from the Internauts, who can influence the production of the picture. The film is produced by Unipublica in co-production with Glockfilm and Jacek Rybus as executive producer. The cinematographer is Michał Glock and Konrad Chmielnicki will edit with distribution planned for fall