Retrospective of Dorota Kędzierzawska in Thessaloniki

By FNE Staff

Dorota Kędzierzawska will be honored at the 51st Thessaloniki International Film Festival (3-12 December). Among the works to be presented will be the international premiere of her 1988 b/w first feature film, produced by TVP: “The End of the World.” (www.international.tvp.pl)

There will be six feature films shown altogether, covering the whole spectrum of Kędzierzawska’s work: “Crows”, “Devils, Devils”, “I Am”, “Nothing”, “Time to Die” and the already mentioned “The End of the World.” The films illustrate director’s original, outstanding style which is characterized by the organizers as the one, in which the surrounding bleakness serves as an unvarnished landscape for people’s stories; the reliance, not on dialogue, but on cinematic language, such as tender close-ups, the play of people’s eyes with the light, the glances that are the most faithful depictions of emotion; the spirit with which she focuses on her characters. None perhaps of her convictions is more evident than her compassion for the people she portrays and the profound respect she has for their choices.

he international debut competition will be also present “Erratum” by Marek Lechki – a film recently awarded at the Pusan and Chicago International Film Festivals.