Polish Film Critics Award The Forest

Written by Katarzyna Grynienko

WARSAW: Film critics from the Polish Filmmakers Association SFP (www.sfp.org.pl ) gave the 2010 best film prize at the Golden Tapes awards to The Forest (Las) written and directed by Piotr Dumała.

The prominent awards ceremony has been presented since 1985 by the film critics of SFP (www.sfp.org.pl) who are also associated with International Federation of Film Critics FPRESCI (www.fipresci.org).

The Forest, a black and white artistically shot drama, previously won the Special Jury Prize at the PFF in Gdynia 2009 and the Best Cinematography Award at the IFF in Cuenca 2010. The film was also nominated for the Polish Eagles 2010 by the Polish Film Academy. The producer of The Forest is Eureka Media (www.eurekamedia.info) and the film was distributed in Poland by the NEW HORIZONS Association (www.enh.pl).

The Golden Tapes for the best foreign production was awarded to Lourdes directed by Jessica Hausner, a drama which was highly praised internationally and was distributed in Poland by Gutek Film.

Special Disntinction awards were given to the British drama Fish Tank by Andrea Arnold, distributed in Poland by Syrena Films (www.syrenafilms.com), and to the Turkish film Honey directed by Semi Kaplangolu and distributed in Poland by AP Manana (www.manana.pl).