TVP Presents Three Films in Berlin

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Polish public broadcaster Polish Television (TVP, www.tvp.pl) will presents three films at the European Film Market in Berlin. Venice screens 11.02 at 12:30 in Arsenal 2. Made in Poland screens 13.02 at 13:30 in CinemaxX 16. Blind Date screens 13.02 at 17:00 in CinemaxX 16.

{mosimage}Venice, directed by Jan Jakub Kolski, won the Best Artistic Contribution Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival in August 2010 and is one of TVP's most important productions of the past year.

The film is set during World War II. A cellar of one house becomes a place to hide and to cherish the deepest, most vital human dreams. At first these are the dreams of children, filled with an innocent belief in making all things possible by force of will and mind. Eventually, the other generations of large family joins them in a play that changes into a ritual of an attempt of overcoming the hostile world by the human spirit.

The special old family home seems to be a final asylum and brings a promise of safety. Thisfeeling gradually flows over to the family's outlying circles of friends, neighbors and - finally - total strangers who one day come inside. The film examines the question of how the dream will stand up to a confrontation with the cruelty of war.

{mosimage}Made in Poland, a 90 minute film, begins with a 17-year old alter boy, Bogus, who wakes up one morning and realizes the only message he want to convey to the world is embodied by the phrase "fuck off" which he then tattoos on his forehead.

When demolishing telephone boxes and cars parked near the crowded apartment blocks does not diminish his fury, he turns to authoritative role-models in hope of help. Unfortunately, the priest (Edmund) is unable to lessen Bogus' frustration, as the priest himself avoids facing the ordinary day by escaping in the realm of belief and revelations. Bogus' former teacher, a lonely alcoholic, (Wiktor) tries to convince the boy to cope with daily reality by quoting the masterpieces of literature, through which the teacher perceives his own defeat in a universal context, but he doesn't propose any concrete solution. Bogus' Mother, a big fan of Polish pop singer Krzysztof Krawczyk, disregards her son's distractions; she only worries he will have trouble finding a good job because of the tattoo. She hopes that through motherly love, she will make her son abandon his revolutionary thoughts.

Sister and brother Monika and Emil (who moves on an invalid cart) are fascinated with Bogus radicalism, his slogans and calls for rebellion. Emil, wishing to overcome his limitations, joins Bogus; and thanks to Monika, for the first time Bogus starts to feel something other than rage.

The dynamic plot is strengthened by a gangster motif. Bogus, in a revolutionary fury, destroys a car belonging to a local gang. The cruel bandits demand money, threatening the boy. With the help of the priest and the intervention of the outside power, the gangsters are convinced to forgive the debt. Monika and Bogus can marry, which makes all the members of the local community happy,

and all of them enjoy the wedding which the divine Krzysztof Krawczyk gives splendor to.

{mosimage}Blind Date (95 minutes) is the name of a popular entertainmet show on TV which Karol (portrayed by leading young Polish actor Borys Szyc) attends as the result of his bet with couple of friends. He never imagines that it will put him on the front line of a male-female war that has no rules. Majka (Katarzyna Maciąg) has just broken up with her boyfriend Cezary (Bogusław Linda), who betrayed her with sexy Czech - Karolina (Petra Tumova). Majka's crazy girlfriends decided to help

her through a difficult period, and after their intrigue she ends up on "Blind date" as one of the candidates picked by Karol. Unexpectedly she wins exotic trip to be spent with self-righteous Karol. They are travel together with a cutthroat and highly attractive reporter Kinga (Anna Dereszowska) and a distance cameraman (Zbigniew Zamachowski).

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