PRODUCTION: Kolski in Production with Kill the Beaver

By Katarzyna Grynienko

WARSAW: Acclaimed Polish director Jan Jakub Kolski is currently filming his 14th film, Kill The Beaver. Shooting started in Popielawy near Lodz at the beginning of April 2011 and will last through May.

Kolski's new project is a fusion of action and romance. The script follows Eryk, an ex-army officer who returns to his childhood home after several missions in dangerous regions of the world. Surrounded by hi-tech electronic equipment as well as untamed nature, he prepares a secret mission. He battles constantly with visions of his past, only to discover that his mind is playing tricks on him and he is losing control.

The director announced that the film will be a complete change of direction from his previous works. "I want to make a film that would stand againts my own craft. I want to operate the camera, be as close to the image as I can be. In the meantime I hope to create a new language, that would be characteristic only for me," Kolski said. The director also hopes to find new quality to his work by mixing professional actors such as Eryk Lubos in the lead with amateurs such as Agnieszka Pawełkiewicz, who is making her debut with this film.

Kill The Beaver is produced by Tramway Film Studio (www.tramway.pl), a Polish company that co-produced Kolski's highly acclaimed last film Venice. No budget was available. The Polish premiere of Kill The Beaver is planned for fall 2011.


Director - Jan Jakub Kolski

Screenwriter - Jan Jakub Kolski

Production - Tramway Film Studio

Cast: Eryk Lubos, Agnieszka Pawełkiewicz