Juliusz Braun to Head TVP

By Katarzyna Grynienko

Poland's National Broadcasting Chamber (KRRiT,.www.krrit.gov.pl) has confirmed the appointment of Juliusz Braun as president of Polish public broadcaster TVP (www.tvp.pl) beginning 6 May 2011.

Braun has been a culture journalist, scholar and the general advisor to the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Braun is a University of Warsaw graduate with a PHD in media science. He also teaches at the Collegium Civitas school in Warsaw and has authored of several publications about the media culture.

The KRRiT also chose two new members of the Management Board: Bogusław Piwowar and Marian Zalewski. Piwowar is a manager specializing in electronic media, and a member of the previous TVP Management Board, acting as president. Zalewski is the current Vice Minister of Agriculture and a journalist, and was a past member of the Management Board (1998-2000) and a member of the Program board since 2006.

The new choice of TVP President and board members is the result of a significant change in the system of filling posts connected to public media with a new, strong focus on the professional experience of candidates.

The new Management Board will be officially instated on 6 May.