PRODUCTION: September Eleven 1638 Shooting in Romania

By Katarzyna Grynienko

WARSAW: Filming on the Italian-Polish-Turkish coproduction September Eleven 1638 (previously titled Battle Of Vienna), one of the biggest European projects of the year, began 2 May 2011 in Romania.

The film explores a moment in history that influenced all European nations. Italian director Renzo Martinelli is focusing on the characters of an Italian monk Marco D'Aviano and the Polish King Jan III Sobieski.

"The movie not only depicts the war and battles, it also contains an unusually thrilling and involving plot showing the lives of the characters, which are very often mysterious and dangerous. We observe the world of the 17th century, we learn about the way of life which are the background for deliberations about cultural and religion differences in the world." Polish producer Agresywna Banda told FNE.

The 13-week shoot kicked off in Romania some 30 km from the capital, Bucharest. The production will move to Poland and several other European locations. The film is produced by Martinelli Film Company in co-production with the Polish company Agresywna Banda (www.agresywnabanda.com) and Tandem Film (www.tandemfilm.com) from Romania. The budget of the production is 50 million PLN (EUR 12.7 million), with 2 million PLN in financing from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl). The large-scale production will involve 100 actors, 10,000 extras and 3 000 horses.

The full-length feature will be accompanied by a four episode television series, Marco d'Aviano, and will follow the lead character of the monk who had persuaded Jan III Sobieski to fight in Vienna.

The producers recently announced that the part of the Polish King Jan III Sobieski will be played by Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski and not Mel Gibson, as reported earlier. The cast includes F. Murray Abraham as well as Polish actors Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, Daniel Olbrychski, Andrzej Seweryn, Piotr Adamczyk and Borys Szyc. The official premiere of the picture is planned for the second half of 2012.

Director - Renzo Martinelli
Screenwriter - Valerio Manfredi, Renzo Martinelli
Cinematographer - Fabio Cianchetti
Producer - Martinelli Film
Co-producer - Agresywna Banda, Tandem Film
Co-financing - Polish Film Institute

Jerzy Skolimowski
F. Murray Abraham
Alicja Bachleda-Curuś
Enrico Lo Verso
Piotr Adamczyk
Weronika Rosati
Andrzej Seweryn
Borys Szyc
Wojciech Mecwaldowski
Marcin Walewski
Daniel Olbrychski
Antonio Cupo
Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
and others

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