FNE at DISCOP Budpest 2011: TVP Picks up Argentine Format

WARSAW: TVP 2 has commissioned the first season of a sitcom about the media world, Wiadomości z drugiej ręki (Second-hand news). The series, based on the popular Argentinian format Los…

TVP’s Polish Films Compete at Karlovy Vary IFF

WARSAW: Two TV Polska (TVP, www.tvp.pl) films, Heritage by Andrzej Barański and Declaration of Immortality by Marcin Koszałka, have been selected for the Karlovy Vary IFF's (1-9 July 2011, www.kviff.com)…

Lodz Film Commission Announces 2011 Grants

The regional Polish film fund based in Lodz will support four new local productions, chosen from 24 submitted projects. The budget for the 5th edition of financing from the Lodz…

TVP Forum at Gdynia

GDYNIA: The Polish Filmmakers Association organized a special meeting on 11 June 2011 at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia with the representatives of the Polish film industry to discuss…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival 2011: Prize winners

GDYNIA: Jerzy Skolimowski's Essential Killing won the Golden Lion for best feature film the 36th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (6-11 June 2011 www.fpff.pl) as well as scoring four other…
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Silesia Film Fund Supports Seven New Projects

WARSAW: Poland's regional Silesia Film Fund has announced 1.5 million PLN in grants for four feature films and three documentaries productions in 2011.

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Black Thursday

In his drama Black Thursday Antoni Krauze explores the tragic Polish shipyard workers riots of December 1970, a recent and painful chapter in the Polish history. The script is based…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Essential Killing

Jerzy Skolimowski tackles the themes of war drama and imperialism in his challenging artistic drama, Essential Killing, considered one of the most significant Polish films of the year. Skolimowski portrays…

Polish Film Institute Awards Film Professionals

Film professionals who had an exceptional part in promoting Polish cinema in 2010 were awarded by the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl, PFI) during the celebratory opening of the 36th Polish…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Suicide Room

In his feature debut Suicide Room, Jana Komasa creates a thrilling story about the dangers of modern technology and the problems of the young generation.

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: The Mill And the Cross

Lech Majewski has created an artistic and challenging drama inspired by Pieter Brueghel's art in The Mill and the Cross.

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Italians

In his drama Italians Łukasz Barczyk create a dream-like image of passion and betrayal, where reality is mixed with the memories of his characters.

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Fear Of Falling

In Fear of Falling, his feature film directing debut. Bartosz Konopka creates an emotional drama about crossing the line between madness and sanity.

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Daas

Dass, a major costume production written and directed by Adrian Panek, brings to life the dillemas of faith and politics in the 13th Century. The film premieres at the 36th…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: My Name Is Ki

Polish director Leszek Dawid poses questions about love and motherhood in the contemporary drama My Name Is Ki. The film will have its premiere during the 36th Polish Film Festival…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: The Courage

In The Courage, a tragic story of two brothers faced with a moral dilemma, director/writer Greg Zgliński explores the theme of courage and its consequences with brutal reality. The film…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: The Mole

The Mole, the feature debut drama from documentary director Rafael Lewandowski, explores the very current theme of an ongoing investigation of people actively involved in the political events of the…

FNE at Cracow FF 2011: Prize Winners

CRACOW: Tonia and Her Children directed by Marcel Lozinski won the main prize in the National Competition at the 51 Krakow Film Festival (www.kff.com.pl) (23-29 May 2011) for best Polish…

PRODUCTION: Rosłaniec Shooting Baby Blues

Katarzyna Rosłaniec, the director of Mall Girls, is shooting Baby Blues on the topic of teen pregnancy. The shoot for the film started in the second half of May in…

FNE at Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition: Rose

Director Wojciech Smarzowski returns to Gdynia with Rose, a drama exploring a relatively recent episode in Polish history, when the habitants of Masuria became second class citizens under communist authorities…