FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2013: Marriage


COTTBUS: Marriage, the winner of the best pitch award at Connecting Cottbus is a love triangle that touches on a taboo topic in Kosovo: homosexuality.

Producer Keka Kreshnik Berisha from the company bézé said that the subject is so forbidden that there is not a single openly gay person in the country, and that homosexuals face the dilemma of whether to leave the country or to keep their sexual identity hidden by marrying. The film’s trio of characters includes one man – an only son who feels the pressure to marry for the sake of his family – who does just that, his unsuspecting bride, and his lover who won’t make the same sacrifice. The script, written by the producer and the director, is a drama with comic moments.

The 450,000 EUR film has already received the largest possible grant from the Kosovo Cinematography Center, 150,000 EUR. The project attracted a full slate of meetings – 15 in all – at the Connecting Cottbus one-to-one meetings. The film will be directed by Blerta Zeqiri, who won a best short film award at Sundance --- the first director from Kosovo to do so. The filmmakers are looking for technical help with sound, lighting, and postproduction.



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