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FNE Exclusive: Chair of EU Culture Committee MEP Petra Kammerevert on Film and the European Year of Cultural Heritage Featured

Petra Kammerevert Petra Kammerevert Credit: www.kammerevert.eu

STRASBOURG: Film New Europe spoke with Petra Kammerevert, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education in the European Parliament about the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. MEP Kammerevert highlights the importance of cinema as part of the cultural heritage.

The decision on the European Year of Cultural Heritage was announced on 17 May 2017. The budget for its implementation from 1 January to 31 December 2018 is 8 m EUR.

FNE asked Petra Kammerevert about the European Parliament’s plans concerning the cinema in the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Petra Kammerevert: I think it is especially up to the member states, because they have to organise all the events around the year of cultural heritage. What we, as the Parliament, can do is to say as we always say: ‘Please, don’t forget the film as an important part of the cultural heritage!'

I always have the impression, especially in the member states, that many people think that cultural heritage is only about the buildings, theatre, literature, but they always forget about the film. The film is our collective remembrance, so I think that we have to do more to save this very important part of our cultural heritage. To save it for the future and for the next generations, because film also tells our history.

Choosing the best technical procedures for the preservation of film archives

Petra Kammerevert: I don’t know if it is good to do this it via digitalisation. I have heard some experts saying that we don’t know if in 15 years we will use the same technics as we have now, but we have to do something.

The activity of film archives, as they are the duty of the member states, should get more promotion and more support from the state so as to fulfill their mission.

She also spoke about finding additional funding has to be provided for the Creative Europe programme.

Petra Kammerevert: This is very important for the European Union and we have to think about how we can do more in the next Creative Europe programme to get more money for this programme, especially for the audiovisual part.

A newsletter with activities and initiatives all around Europe will be sent out every two months starting December 2017.  FNE will be publishing regular links to this newsletter and updates from the film archive departments of the FNE Association member countries.

For the FNE Video interview with Petra Kammerevert click HERE

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