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FNETV: EFADs Announces Vision 2030 in Tallinn Featured

Peter Dinges Peter Dinges

TALLINN: EFADS, the association of European Film Agency Directors announces Vision 2030 its unified vision for the future of the European film industry at Estonian EU Presidency Conference during Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Baltic Event 2017.

FNE spoke to Peter Dinges Chairman EFADs about why EFADs has decided to create Vision 2030, a policy document on the future development of the European film industry and public sector support and the importance of the cultural element of the European film industry.

Click HERE for the video interview.

Edith Sepp  Director Estonian Film Institute, Board Member EFADs and Chair of the Film New Europe Association presented Vision 2030 during the event.

Click HERE for the video interview

Click HERE for powerpoint presentation of Vision 2030 as presented by Edith Sepp.

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