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Five CEE Projects Receive Eurimages Coproduction Funding Featured


STRASBOURG: Five international coproductions involving Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria are among the winners of the coproduction funding announced by the Board of Management of the Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund on 19 March 2018.

The Eurimages Board of Management agreed at its 150th meeting to support 17 fiction, one documentary and two animated film projects with a total amount of 5,103,561 EUR.

The Board also agreed to support 18 requests for payment submitted by 13 distributors for an amount of 171,675 EUR and also, in the framework of the Cinema Support Programme, to give a total amount of 264,859 EUR to 33 cinemas (one in Armenia, 16 in Russia and 16 in Turkey) for the 2017 programming.

CEE Projects Receiving Funding:

The Disciple (Slovak Republic, Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania) 190,000 EUR
Directed by Ivan Ostrochovský  
Produced by Punkchart Films s.r.o. / Lev Design s.r.o.
Coproduced by Film and Music Entertainment Ireland, Negativ s.r.o.

Pardon (Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic) 270,000 EUR
Directed by Jan Jakub Kolski  
Produced by Wytwornia Doswiadczalna
Coproduced by Sentimentalfilm, Mimesis Film s.r.o.

Mare (Switzerland, Croatia) 170,000 EUR
Directed by Andrea Staka
Produced by Okofilm Productions
Coproduced by Dinaridi Film
Even Mice Belong in Heaven (Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Slovak Republic) Animated film 370,000 EUR
Directed by Jan Bubenícek                             
Produced by Fresh Films s.r.o.
Coproduced by Les Films du Cygne, Panache Productions/La Compagnie Cinématographique, Cinemart

Fishbone (Bulgaria, Romania) 130,000 EUR
Directed by Dragomir Sholev
Produced by Klas Film Ltd
Coproduced by HiFilm Productions

Click HERE to see all the projects that received Eurimages funding.

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