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FESTIVALS: GoEast Spotlights Ethical Filmmaking with Oppose Othering Featured


WIESBADEN: The 2018 edition of the goEast film festival, running 18-24 April, will put a focus on ethical filmmaking with the third annual section Oppose Othering, dedicated to opposing all forms of discrimination of minorities.

The festival will offer panel discussions on the topics of “How to: Oppose Othering Without Losing Your Sense of Humor” and “How to: Withstand Political Pressure” along with tailormade workshops designed to prepare young filmmakers for challenging stereotypes. A total of 14 participants from eleven countries in Central and Eastern Europe will take part in the politically engaged programme.

Seven films have been selected to screen in the Oppose Othering section, including films from the Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Russia and Poland.

The festival will have a special section, Prague 1968, devoted to films made during the time of the Prague Spring and the Russian occupation of 1968, or more recent films about the period. They include two films by Jan Nemec, A Report on the Party and the Guests and the 1968 short film Oratorio for Prague.  

Some 140 films are expected to be screened at the festival. The jury will consist of Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi (jury president), Slovak director/producer Peter Kerekes, Polish actor Mateusz Kosciukiewicz, Gennady Kaufmann (Ukraine) and Vjane Elena Tikhonova (Russia).

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