FNE at Cannes 2019: Films from CEE Countries in Cannes’ Cinéfondation and Sidebar Sections

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One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Thousand by Ondrej Erban One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Thousand by Ondrej Erban

CANNES: Films from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland were selected for Cannes’ Cinéfondation competition. Majority and minority coproductions from Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina were selected for Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Week, and also for France’s Association for the Diffusion of Independent Cinema (ACID).

One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Thousand by Czech director Ondrej Erban (a FAMU production) and Pura vida by Slovak director Martin Gonda (produced by FTF VŠMU – Film and Television Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts), The Little Soul by Polish director Barbara Rupik (produced by PWSFTviT) and As Up to Now by Katalin Moldovai (Budapest Metropolitan University) were selected for the Cannes’ Cinéfondation competition.

Georgian minority coproduction And Then We Danced by Levan Akin, Latvian minority coproduction Dogs Don’t Wear Pants by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää and Oleg by Juris Kursietis (a coproduction between Latvia, Belgium and Lithuania) are among the feature films selected for the 51st Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes 2019 (15-25 May 2019).

Community Gardens by the Lithuanian director Vytautas Katkus and The Last Trip to the Seaside by the Romanian Adi Voicu were selected for the Short Films Competition of the 58th Critics’ Week in Cannes 2019 (15-23 May 2019).

The documentary Solo by Artemio Benki, which is a Czech majority coproduction, and the Bosnian minority coproduction Take Me Somewhere Nice by Ena Sendijarevic were chosen for the ACID selection.

The films competing for awards in Directors’s Fortnight and Critics’ Week, and the ACID selection follow.

51st Directors’ Fortnight:

Feature Films:

Alice and the Mayor / Alice et le Maire (France)
Directed by Nicolas Pariser

And Then We Danced (Sweden, Georgia, France, Finland)
Directed by Levan Akin
Produced by French Quarter Film, Takes Film
Coproduced by AMA Productions, RMV Film, Inland Film
The Halt / Ang Hupa (Philippines, China)
Directed by Lav Diaz
Song Without a Name / Canción sin nombre (Peru, Switzerland)
Directed by Melina León
Deerskin / Le Daim (France)
Directed by Quentin Dupieux
Ghost Tropic (Belgium)
Directed by Bas Devos
Give Me Liberty (USA)
Directed by Kirill Mikhanovsky
First Love / Hatsukoi (Japan, UK)
Directed by Takashi Miike
To Live To Sing / Huo zhe chang zhe (China, France)
Directed by Johnny Ma
Dogs Don’t Wear Pants / Koirat eivät käytä housuja (Finland, Latvia)
Directed by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää
Produced by Helsinki-filmi
Coproduced by Tasse Film
Supported by the Finnish Film Foundation, the National Film Centre of Latvia
The Lighthouse (Canada, USA)
Directed by Robert Eggers
Lillian (Austria)
Directed by Andreas Horwath
Oleg (Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania)
Directed by Juris Kursietis
Produced by Tasse Film
Coproduced by Iota Productions, In Script
Blow It to Bits / On va tout péter (France)
Directed by Lech Kowalski
Les Particules (Switzerland, France)
Directed by Blaise Harrison
The Orphanage / Parwareshgah (Denmark, Afghanistan, France)
Directed by Shahrbanoo Sadat
Perdrix (working title) (France)
Directed by Erwan Le Duc
For the Money / Por el dinero (Argentina)
Directed by Alejo Moguillansky
Sick Sick Sick / Sem seu sangue (Brazil, the Netherlands, France)
Directed by Alice Furtado
Tlamess (Tunisia, France)
Directed by Ala Eddine Slim
An Easy Girl / Une fille facile (France)
Directed by Rebecca Zlotowski
Wounds (USA)
Directed by Babak Anvari
Yves (France)
Directed by Benoît Forgeard
Zombi Child (France)
Directed by Bertrand Bonello
Short and Medium Films:

Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters / Les Extraordinaires Mésaventures de la jeune fille de pierre (UK, Germany, Canada, France)
Directed by Beatrice Gibson
The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady / Les Extraordinaires Mésaventures de la jeune fille de pierre (France, Portugal)
Directed by Gabriel Abrantes
Grand Bouquet (Japan)
Directed by Nao Yoshigai
Stay Awake, Be Ready (Vietnam, South Korea, USA)
Directed by An Pham Thien
Je te tiens (Spain)
Directed by Sergio Caballero
Movements (South Korea)
Directed by Dahee Jeong
Olla (France, UK)
Directed by Ariane Labed
Piece of Meat (Singapore)
Directed by Jerrold Chong & Huang Junxiang

Ghost Pleasure / Plaisir fantôme (France)
Directed by Morgan Simon
The Staggering Girl (Italy)
Directed by Luca Guadagnino
That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise (Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand)
Directed by Flatform
The 58th Critics’ Week:

Feature Films in Competition:

Abou Leila (Algeria, France, Qatar)
Directed by Amin Sidi-Boumédiène

Land of Ashes / Ceniza negra (Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, France)
Directed by Sofia Quirós Ubeda

A White, White Day / Hvítur, Hvítur Dagur (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden)
Directed by Hlynur Pálmason

Lost My Body / J’ai perdu mon corps (France)
Directed by Jérémy Clapin

Our Mothers / Nuestras madres (Guatemala, Belgium, France)
Directed by César Díaz

The Unknown Saint / Le Miracle du Saint Inconnu (Morocco, France, Qatar, Germany, Lebanon)
Directed by Alaa Eddine Aljem
Vivarium (Ireland, Belgium, Denmark)
Directed by Lorcan Finnegan

Short Films in Competition:

Party Day / Jour de fête (Portugal)
Directed by Sofia Bost

The Trap / Fakh (Egypt, Germany)
Directed by Nada Riyadh

Sans mauvaise intention / Ikki illa meint (Denmark, Faroe Islands)
Directed by Andrias Høgenni

Journey Through a Body (France)
Directed by Camille Degeye

Community Gardens / Kolektyviniai sodai (Lithuania)
Directed by Vytautas Katkus

Lucía en el limbo (Belgium, France, Costa Rica)
Directed by Valentina Maurel

The Manila Lover (Norway, Philippines)
Directed by Johanna Pyykkö

Tuesday from 8 to 6 / Mardi de 8 à 18 (France)
Directed by Cecilia de Arce

She Runs (China, France)
Directed by Qiu Yang

Ultimul drum spre mare / The Last Trip to the Seaside (Romania)
Directed by Adi Voicu

ACID Selection:

Blind Spot (France)
Directed by Pierre Trividic & Patrick-Mario Bernard

Des hommes (France), Documentary
Directed by Jean-Robert Viallet, Alice Odiot

Indianara (Brazil), Documentary
Directed by Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Marcello Barbosa

Kongo (France), Documentary
Directed by Hadrien La Vapeur, Corto Vaclav

Mickey and the Bear (USA)
Directed by Annabelle Attanasio

Solo (Czech Republic, France, Argentina, Austria)
Directed by Artemio Benki
Produced by Artcam
Coproduced by Petit à Petit Production, Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Lomo Cine, Buen Destino
Supported by the Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA, CNC Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée Avance sur recettes, INCAA Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Bundeskanleramt Österrereich – Kunst und Kultur, Eurimages

As Happy As Possible (France, Portugal)
Directed by Alain Raoust

Take Me Somewhere Nice (the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Directed by Ena Sendijarevic
Produced by Pupkin Film
Coproduced by VPRO

Vif-argent (France)
Directed by Stéphane Batut