EFP Announces 20th Producers on the Move Selection

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HAMBURG: Producers from Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Latvia and Croatia are among the 20 participants chosen for the prestigious Producers on the Move programme of European Film Promotion.

The producers will be feted at the Cannes Film Festival. EFP members, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Polish Film Institute, Film Center Serbia and the Slovenian Film Centre are among the institutions supporting the 2019 edition of Producers on the Move.

Jo Muhlberger, EFP project director, told FNE, “Twenty years ago, when we started Producers on the Move, we had no participants from CEE countries. But as soon as countries like the Czech Republic and the Baltic states joined EFP, we also welcomed producers from Central and Eastern Europe to our professional networking and promotion event. Being well trained, from the moment they joined in they brought new creative perspectives and input as well as exciting stories to our programme.” He added, “The producers are often already well-versed in international coproductions, as important means to finance their projects. Each year we have new talent from CEE countries qualifying for Producers on the Move and their international coproductions are spreading the spirit of European cinema all over the world.”

The producers participating in this year’s event are Hendrik Verthé (Belgium / Flanders), Anita Juka (Croatia), Nina Bisgaard (Denmark), Grégoire Debailly (France), Eva Blondiau (Germany), Julianna Ugrin (Hungary), Lilja Ósk Snorradóttir (Iceland), Cormac Fox (Ireland), Nadia Trevisan (Italy), Inese Boka-Grube (Latvia), Joram Willink (The Netherlands), Dyveke Bjørkly Graver (Norway), Małgorzata Staroń (Poland), Joao Viana (Portugal), Mila Turajlic (Serbia), Rok Biček (Slovenia), Carles Torras (Spain), Jon Nohrstedt (Sweden), Sereina Gabuthaler (Switzerland), and Emily Morgan (United Kingdom).

More information on the 2019 Producers on the Move programme and the producers is available HERE and HERE.