FNE in Berlin: Party and Screening Alert: Monday


Party Alert: All parties require an invitation from the organizers

17:30-19:00 Filmguide launch drinks/ EFM stand G9/ Frankfurter Buchmesse

Screening Alert

10:45 Milos Forman: Co te Nezabije (Czech)

Directed by Miroslav Smidmajer

Bio Illusion

Dffb Cinema

13:50 Protektor (Czech)

Directed by Marek Najbrt

High Point Media Group

Cinemaxx Studio 15

15:05 The Temptation of St Tony (Estonia)

Directed by Vieko Ounpuu

Homeless Bob / ATMO / Bronson Club

Cinemaxx 12

15:30 Bibliotheque Pascal (Hungary, Germany)

Directed by Szabolcs Hadju

Katapult Film Ltd

Press Screening

Cinemaxx 5

15:45 9:06 (Slovenia)

Directed by Igor Sterk

Insomnia World Sales

Dffb Kino

Tuesday 16 February

15:30 If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (Romania)

Directed by Florin Serban

Strada Film/ International Sales Celluloid Dreams

Cinemaxx 10

17:00 The Reverse (Poland)

Directed by Borys Lankosz

KADR Film Studio


22:30 Kawasaki's Rose: (Czech)

Directed by Jan Hrebjk

Menemsha Films

Screening Cubix 7 + 8 Interlock