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FNE Cannes Party Alert !! Friday 15 May 2009


Please remember that your FNE publishes insider party information. But this is NOT an invitation. To attend any of these events you MUST have an invitation from the party organizers ! !

Friday 15 May

10:00-17:30 European Union MEDIA Programme Info Day at Hotel 1835 White Palms

Followed by EU Media Cocktail (By invitation ONLY)

12:00-14:00 Russian Round Table on Opportunities in Russia for foreign producers

Russian Pavillion

13:30-14:30 Romanina Cocktail in honour of the film Politist Adjectiv directed by Corneliu Porumboiu at the Romanian Pavillion

16:00-18:00 Czech and Slovak welcome Drink at their Pavallion by invitation ONLY

17:00-19:30 Toronto IFF and Ontario Media Development Corporation Cocktail Party at Plage Des Palmes

By invitation Only

17:00-18:00 Short Film Corner Happy Hour in the Film Market for those with festival accreditation

17:30-18:30 Nordic Happy Hour at Scandinavian Terrace 55 La Croisette

By invitation ONLY

17:30-18:30 Turkish Happy Hour at Turkish Market Stand

By invitation ONLY

19:30-21:00 Serbian cocktail in honour of Vladimir Perisic's film Ordinary People at Serbian Pavillion

By invitation ONLY

FNE Screening Alert: Friday 15 May

20:30 Vasha

Palais G


100 min


Dir: Hannu Salonen

National premiere: January 22 2009


Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, Allfilm, Estonia

Jarkko Hentula, Juonifilmi, Finland

Philipp Homberg, Homberg Filmproduktion, Germany Wide Eyed Films, Ireland

Tom, an easygoing young boy, ends up in a hospital with a Chechen man Artur, after having saved his life in a bomb explosion. Tom attaches quickly to this mysterious man, helping him to escape from the hospital.

A kind of friendship evolves between them, Artur trying to keep Tom away from his personal war. Tom is thrown into dramatic events that abruptly open his eyes. The chain of death and vengeance seems unstoppable and the question arises if Tom will become a part of it.

Saturday 16 May


20:00 Buratino, Son of Pinocchio

Palais H

Youth comedy

78 min


Dir: Rasmus Merivoo


Estinfilm (Estonia)

Marvofilm (Estonia)

Planet Kino (Russia)

Maria Carlo, a single woman, wishes for a special child. A space- borne magic seed impregnates her only to give birth to Buratino, a wooden boy, who against her will grows up to be an ordinary brat.

With Artemon, Pierrot and Toivo, his weird band pals, they occasionally sell her buns in posh quarters, where goofing around gives them inspiration for their repertoire. The air-heads fall into the trap of Carabas Barabas, a malevolent billionaire, who seeks for a wooden boy-bomb, inside of whom grow millions of magic seeds. When his world conquering plans cross paths with the pranks of the brats, an unseen chaos ensues. When the heart of Malvina, his gorgeous daughter, is up for grabs, Buratino accepts the challenge!

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