Novel for Men reaches 100,000 admissions

By FNE Staff

Novel for Men, a Czech comedy based on the best-selling novel by popular novelist Michal Veiwegh and directed by Tomas Barina, opened strong in the Czech and Slovak Republics with 100,000 viewers in its opening week-end.

The opening follows the similarly successful opening of the dramatic film Kajinek in the Czech Republic in August.

The 1.1 million euro film is distributed by Bontonfilm (www.bontonfilm.cz), and opened simultaneously in Slovakia and the Czech Republic on September 23.

Novel for Men was produced by Rudolf Biermann from Infilm (www.infilm.cz) in coproduction with RWE energy company (www.rwe.cz) and Nova TV (www.nova.cz) and distribution company Bontonfilm (www.bontonfilm.cz). Barina previously directed the hit teen comedy Grapes. Novel for Men stars leading Czech theatre actor Miroslav Donutil.